CX Series


  • Power supply: AC220V, frequency: 50Hz;
  • Input power: 680VA;
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 135KG;
  • Headrest telescopic range: 120mm;
  • Backrest backward range: 115~180 degrees;
  • The highest height of cushion from the ground: 780mm;
  • The lowest height of cushion from the ground: 400mm.

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1. Base

Steel paste with 13mm thickness.

Dental Chair

2.Built-in or External Floor Box

Dental Chair
Dental Chair

3.PU Cushion

Dental Chair

4.New Type Front Cover

Dental Chair

5. Tool Tray

Down-mounted tool tray with 24V X-film viewer.

Dental Chair

6. Assistant Tray

Dental Chair

7. Ceramic Cuspdor

Ceramic cuspidor, with 180 degrees rotation.

Dental Chair
Dental Chair

8. LED Operation Lamp With Sensor

Dental Chair

9. Foot Pedal

Dental Chair

10. Motors

24V DC motors from China.

Dental Chair

11. Tubes

Dental Chair

12. Dentist Stool

24V DC motors from China.

Dental Chair

13. Complete Production Photos

cheap dental unit
cheap dental unit


What are the Advantages of Using Dental Chairs?

Dental chairs are sophisticated, multifunctional pieces of equipment that prioritize patient comfort, streamline dental procedures, maintain hygiene standards, and enhance the overall dental experience for both patients and practitioners.

●Comfort and Patient Experience

Dental chairs prioritize patient comfort, often featuring plush cushioning and ergonomic designs. Patients spend significant time in these chairs during treatments, so comfort is crucial for a positive experience. The ability to adjust the chair's position helps alleviate discomfort during lengthy procedures, reducing strain on the patient.

●Customization and Positioning

The flexibility and adjustability of dental chairs allow dentists to position patients optimally for specific procedures. Chairs can be raised, lowered, reclined, or tilted as needed, ensuring proper access to the oral cavity. This customization aids in better treatment delivery and efficiency.

●Integrated Tools and Instruments

Dental chairs often incorporate built-in trays and holders for instruments, making essential tools easily accessible to dentists. This setup streamlines the workflow, eliminating the need for dentists to constantly reach for instruments or disrupt the procedure flow.

●Advanced Functionalities

Modern dental chairs come equipped with various functionalities like LED lighting, suction, and water supply systems. These built-in features reduce the reliance on separate equipment, making procedures more efficient and convenient for both the dentist and the patient.

●Hygiene and Maintenance

Dental chairs are designed with materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring a sterile environment. Maintaining a hygienic workspace is crucial in dental settings to prevent cross-contamination and ensure patient safety.

●Enhanced Communication and Education

Some dental chairs incorporate multimedia screens or displays that can showcase X-rays, educational videos, or treatment plans. These aids assist dentists in explaining procedures, conditions, or treatment options more comprehensively to patients, fostering better understanding and trust.

●Adaptability to Different Specialties

Dental chairs are versatile and adaptable, catering to various dental specialties and procedures. Whether it's a routine check-up, a complex surgical procedure, or orthodontic treatment, these chairs accommodate different needs and requirements.

Standard Specification:

4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 sets;
4 hole low-speed handpiece tubing with connector 1 set;
3-way syringe (cold and hot) 2 piece;
Adjustable headrest 1 set;
Double armrest 1 set;
New design down tray with touch control 1 set;
With autoclavable silicone pad,maximum bearing temperature is 135-degrees 1pcs;
5-posistion for handpiece,syringe and scaler  1set;
Suction and saliva ejector 1 set each;
LED operation lamp with sensor CX-209  1 set;
Lamp arm 1set;
Build-in model Lcd X-film viewer 1 set;
24V DC motors 1 set;
Assistant tray with touch control 1 set;
Water purified system 1 set;
Water heating system 1 set;
Water bottle 600ml 1 pcs;
Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system 1 set each;
Glass cuspidor with 180-degrees rotation 1 set;
Multi-function foot pedal CX-106 1 set;
Dentist stool 1set;
PU cushion 1 set;
Solenoid valve  2 pcs;
ABS plastic covers 1 set;
PVC air and water tubes 1set;
All kinds of copper valves 1set;
Chair without safety system;
Chair without linked movement chair frame;
Packing size: 142*100*120CM;

Gross Weight: 240KG.