What is Dental Spittoon?

The dental chair spittoon is one of the vital dental accessories that used in the dental chair.  The dental chair spittoon is a specialized fixture or basin used in dental treatment areas to allow patients to safely and conveniently spit out oral fluids, rinse, or expectorate during dental procedures.

What are the Functions of Dental Chair Spittoon?

The dental chair spittoon plays an important role in the dental operation. It serves several important functions in a dental operatory:

Hygiene and Sanitation

Dental spittoons are designed to maintain a clean and hygienic environment during dental treatments. They provide patients with a designated and easily accessible place to dispose of saliva, water, or debris from their mouths, preventing contamination of the surrounding area.

Patient Comfort

During many dental procedures, patients may accumulate saliva or debris in their mouths. The availability of a dental spittoon allows patients to comfortably and discreetly remove excess fluids without having to swallow or endure discomfort.

Infection Control

Dental spittoons are typically equipped with features to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. These features may include disposable liners or covers, which can be changed between patients, as well as anti-retraction valves to prevent the backflow of oral fluids into the dental unit's waterlines.


The positioning of the dental spittoon within arm's reach of the dental chair ensures that patients can easily access it when needed. This convenience is especially important during longer or more invasive dental procedures.


Many dental spittoons are designed with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices to facilitate cleaning and disinfection between patients. Proper aseptic practices are crucial in dental settings to prevent the spread of infection.

Waste Management

Dental spittoons are designed to efficiently collect and contain oral fluids and debris. This makes it easier for dental professionals to manage waste and maintain a clean workspace.

Rinsing and Suction

Some dental spittoons are equipped with integrated rinsing and suction systems, allowing dental professionals to assist patients with rinsing and evacuating debris from their mouths during treatments.