Oil-free Air Compressor

Oil-Free Air Compressor, also called dental oilless air compressor, is of the most significant dental equipment in the dental practice. This dental products air compressor is an extra method of ensuring the safety of the patient in dental surgery. Also, oil free air compressor maintenance is easy which could not only reduce the effort on the maintenance but also minizine your dental equipment costs by prolonging the lifespan of your tools. 


Provide Clean & Dry Air: Clean is the first and important principle in dental practice. If some dental equipment are be polluted, it would expose the patient to an infectious environment. In the dental air compressor, once the oil-free air compressor motor is on, the compressor could compress, clean, dry, and store the air.

Overcame the Drawback of Oil-Lubricated Compressor: The most serious disadvantage of the oil-lubricated compressor is the dental air compressor oil would penetrate the air, which affects the dental practice. Under the strict regulation of dental tools, the dental oil free air compressor is highly recommended in dental practice.

Low Cost, High Performance: Such a wonderful dental tool, it is not expensive. The general clinic could be capable of purchasing the oil-free compressor. Furthermore, the oil-free air compressor still gets developed during these decades. Today, the quiet oil free air compressor has been launched in the market.

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What Does A Dental Air Compressor Do?

Moreover, the dental air compressor offers multiple uses:

Powering Dental Instruments: Dental procedures often require the use of various handpieces and instruments, such as dental drills, air-driven scalers, and air-water syringes. These instruments rely on compressed air to function effectively. The dental air compressor supplies the necessary air pressure to power these tools, allowing dentists to perform their work efficiently.

Air-Water Syringes: Dental air compressors are essential for operating air-water syringes, which are used to spray air and water during treatments. This combination of air and water is used for rinsing and drying teeth and dental materials, improving visibility and patient comfort.

Suction Systems: In dental offices, suction systems are used to remove saliva, debris, and other fluids from the patient's mouth. Dental air compressors can power these systems, ensuring that they work efficiently to maintain a dry and clear treatment area.

Sterilization and Cleaning: Compressed air is also used for cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments. It can be employed to blow out water or debris from handpieces and other equipment before sterilization, helping to maintain instrument hygiene.

Air Quality Control: Dental air compressors typically incorporate air filtration and drying systems to ensure that the compressed air is clean, dry, and free of contaminants. This is crucial for maintaining the quality of dental procedures and preventing potential infection risks.

Pressure Regulation: Dental air compressors are designed to provide a consistent and controlled air pressure, allowing dentists to adjust the pressure as needed for different procedures. Precise control is essential for maintaining patient comfort and ensuring the accuracy of dental work.

Which Compressor is Best for Dental Clinic?

The dental oilless air compressor is highly recommended to be used in the dental clinic, because it reduces the possibility of lubricant contamination in compressed air. This feature can protect both patients and clinic staff.