Oil-free Air Compressor


Motor:  Shengyao brand

Noise deadener,solenoid,

Stainless tank(inside not antirust), , capacitor,

gas-pressure meter,

all kinds of tubes& valves.

Voltage:  220V/110V

Power :   850W/780W

Ampere :  3.8A

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Exhaust:   81 L/min

Rated exhaust pressure:  0.8MPa

Noise:  56-65dB

Bottle dimension:   32L

Packing Size:  43*43*69 cm

Option: Air reducer CX-098, Solinoc valve CX-256

Tank Color: White/Blue/Beige


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What is A Dental Oil Free Air Compressor?

An oil-free dental air compressor is a specialized device used in dental offices to provide clean, compressed air for various dental procedures. Unlike traditional air compressors that use oil in their operation, oil-free compressors are designed specifically for medical and dental settings where maintaining a sterile environment is crucial.

The "oil-free" aspect means that these compressors don't use lubricating oil in the compression chamber. Instead, they employ alternative mechanisms to ensure the air remains free of oil contaminants. This is essential in dental settings where air quality is critical to prevent contamination of dental tools, maintain patient safety, and ensure the effectiveness of procedures.

What are the Advantages of Dental Oil Free Air Compressor?

Oil-free air compressors in dentistry offer several advantages:

●Purity of Air

Dental procedures require clean, oil-free air to prevent contamination of dental instruments and to ensure patient safety. Oil-free compressors guarantee a higher level of air purity, minimizing the risk of contamination in the dental environment.

●Reduced Maintenance

Traditional compressors require regular oil changes and maintenance to prevent oil contamination. Oil-free compressors eliminate this need, reducing maintenance requirements and associated costs.

●Health and Safety

Oil-free compressors contribute to a healthier working environment by preventing the release of oil aerosols into the air. This is particularly important in dental settings where patients and staff are in close proximity.

●Quality of Dental Work

Oil-free air ensures that dental tools and equipment operate efficiently and effectively. Contaminants from oil can affect the performance of dental tools, leading to potential issues during procedures.

●Compliance with Regulations

Many health and safety regulations require dental offices to use equipment that meets specific standards to ensure patient and staff safety. Oil-free compressors often comply with these regulations.

●Noise Reduction

Some oil-free compressors tend to be quieter compared to oil-lubricated ones, creating a more comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

●Environmentally Friendly

Oil-free compressors produce clean air without the risk of oil spillage or disposal issues associated with traditional compressors, making them more environmentally friendly.