Portable dental unit

technical parameter

Voltage: 110V-240V, AC60Hz / 50Hz

Power: 550W

Electric current: 130L / min

Exhaust pressure: 0.8MPa

Maximum working pressure of high-speed handpiece: 0.36mpa

Maximum working pressure of low-speed handpiece: 0.34mpa

Noise: 40dB

Net weight: 26kg

Gross weight: 31kg

Packing Size: 42*33*62cm

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Standard configuration

Oil free air compressor: 1 set

Four hole / two hole handpiece tube: 2 sets

Foot pedal: 1 set

Three way syringe: 1 set

Water purification bottle: 1 set

Sewage bottle: 1

Adjustable strong spitter: 1 set

Stainless steel air tank: 1


Product features:

1. Stainless steel air tank, corrosion-resistant, non rusting

2. The air filtration system provides a dry and pure source during treatment

3. Handpiece tube wastewater collection system

4. Safe standby system, which can stand by for a long time when the machine is not working

5. Pressure guarantee system, automatic overpressure release system of air storage tank, safe and efficient

6. The large space on both sides of the water bottle is convenient for disassembly, which solves the problem of coexistence in the industry

7. Spitting and handpiece can work at the same time without affecting the working air pressure. The functions are complete, which is comparable to the fixed large-scale comprehensive treatment machine

8. Electronic control system, fast response and sensitive response

9. Made of high-quality alloy materials, it is firm, beautiful, light, traveling pull rod and easy to carry