Buyer Guide: An Introduction to Dental Air Compressors

03 Sep, 2021

In modern days, dental air compressors are playing a vital role in assisting dentists’ dental practice. The dental air compressor has the ability to pressurizes the air, so as to use in dental procedures. After completing the procedure of capturing and compressing oxygen, it could clean and dry the oxygen to store it. The clean and dry oxygen can be used for drills, handsets, and other types of units which need out ultra-clean compressed air to work. Because of it, air compressors can pace a very important position in the heart of dentists.

Types of dental air compressor

Two major types of air compressors are sold in the dental product market. One is an oil-free air compressor or an oil-less compressor. This type of compressor has a relatively low price, which makes them popular in the dental product market. Furthermore, oil-free compressors offer the significant benefit of maintenance-free operation to the users. In the long run, it is simpler to use. However, it still has the disadvantage that it has a relatively high heat output. Such a high heat output could emit loud cycle noise. 

CX-S800 Oil-Free Air Compressor

The other one is a lubricated dental air compressor. Compared with the oil-free air compressor, lubricated dental chair compressors have a quieter operation, which endears both staff and patients. Lubricated air compressors are more commonly applied to larger applications.

The importance of dental air compressor

As mentioned above, the compressors store clean and dry oxygen. That means it could stably supply safe air for use in dental procedures, which reduces the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens. Furthermore, the moist air is harmful to the expensive dental tools used in dental surgery. They may lead the devices to fail to normal work. The moist air even brings the microorganisms that contaminate the machines. In additions, it also causes the devices lose their precision.

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