What is the Most Common Dental Chair Position?

12 Nov, 2021

Dental Chair is the most important dental equipment for dentists. Each unit of dental chair is a necessity in dental surgery. However, you may think about how to use the dental chair? What is the most common dental chair position in dental practice? Here, the author would divide the dental chair position into three parts: the dental chair position, patient position, the operation position.

Dental Chair Position

How many patient positions are there? The dental chair provides total body support to the patient. The design of the chair and adjustments allow the maximal operator access to the work area.

The Most Common Dental Chair Position

The most common dental chair position is to let the patient be positioned with head and heart parallel to the floor and the feet slightly elevated. This position could reduce the incidence of syncope that can occur as a result of increased anxiousness.

Patient Position

There are three most common patient positions. Each patient position has its benefits to the dental practice. 

Supine position

The supine position is one of the three basic patient positions. This position means that the patient lies on his back. His/her head is placed on the padded position or pillow, then his/her neck is in the middle position.
In a word, when the dental chair is in the supine position, the patient’s head, knees, and feet should be approximately at the same level. After finishing the procedure, the dental chair should be set to an upright position, so as the patient would not lose his/her balance or has over-pressure.

Reclined position

Reclined 45°is one of the two best patient positions in dental surgery. In this position, the dentist can see most mandibular and occlusal surfaces, then make the dental operation.

Upright position

In this position, the chair would be set to 90°. This position has two benefits in the dentist practice. One is it could let the patient easy to entry and be dismissal after completing the surgery. Second, it could be used when radiographs are exposed and when impressions are taken.

Operating Position

The operating position in dental surgery is a very vital aspect in the success of your dental treatment. The right and scientific operation position could reduce the fatigue and physical strain of the dentist and assistant, during the dental practice. 

The operating positions are different, according to the dentist's commonly used hand. For the right-handed dentist, there are three basic positions: right, right front, and right rear. They are usually referred to as 9, 7,11 o’clock. For the left-handed dentist, there are three other opposing basic positions: left, left front, and rear. They are usually referred to as 3,5, 1 o’clock. 

Usually, the dentists seat on the dentist's chair to finish the surgery. When the dentist is seated to make the surgery, he/she should be aware of avoiding unnecessary curvature of the spine or slumping. The dentist should hold their back in an upright position.

The Height of Dentist Chair/Assistant Chair

The correct positioning of the chair is very important to help the dentist and the dentist’s assistant to have a great surgical vision in dental surgery. The chair’s height is the key point to help the dentist and assistant remain in their proper position.

dental chair unit cx8900

Dental Chair Unit cx8900

If the saddle chair is too high or too low for the dentist/assistant, it would directly affect their normal working. Take an instance, if the dentist seat at the low saddle chair, he/she would have difficulty getting tools from the assistant tray, one of the most vital dental chair units. Also, the right chair height and operating position would affect the thoroughness of instrumentation.

Here is the proper chair height:
For Maxillary Teeth: 8cm or 13 inches below the level of the operator’s shoulder.
For Mandibular Teeth: 16cm or 6 inches below the level of the operator’s elbow.


All in all, the medical dental chair position, patient position, and operating position are three important factors in the success of dental surgery. The simple dental chair contains the modern and advanced technologies of modern medicine. CX is a professional dental chair manufacturer in china, located in Foshan, China, selling different kinds of high-quality dental chairs all over the world.

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