Different Parts of Dental Chair

07 Dec, 2021

A dental chair is a necessity in any dental clinic because dentists can not make the surgery without the dental chair. Because of this, the various parts of the dental chair help make any dental procedure smoother and more efficient. You may see the dental chair have too many components that may be not helpful. Actually, the different parts of the dental chair have a specific function.

So what are the different parts of a dental chair, and what function they can offer? Today, I will give a brief introduction to some vital dental chair components and their function. Also, I would put some image photographed by dental chair manufacturer in china to show what they look like.

What is Dental Chair?


A dental chair is a medical-dental chair that dental chair engineers specially design for dental patients and dentists. It not only could let the patient lie in a comfortable and reasonable position but also help the dentist fluently and efficiently operate the surgery. Basically, it comes with a water line, and air compressor and is retractable as per the dentist’s requirements during a procedure.

Different Parts of Dental Chair


There is no part in a dental chair that is useless. Each component of a dental chair serves a specific purpose in dental surgery. Let’s take a look at the pivotal parts of the dental chair.

Dental Light


Dental light is the first important piece of equipment in a dental chair. A great dental light could provide the ideal illumination that dental procedures require. The distance between the patient mouth and dental light is 30-50 inches, in order to prevent the light from shining in the patient’s eyes and causing discomfort.

dental led light

Dental Led Light

Patient Chair

The patient's chair is the direct factor that affects the operation position and the emotion of the patient. The patient chair is composed of a seat, a headrest, and armrests. When you are choosing the dental chair for your clinics, you had better select an adjustable and ergonomic patient chair. The dental chair cover is another factor you need to take into account. Usually, the plastic dental chair covers are relatively economical. Plus the disposable dental chair covers to cover dental chair, it could prvent the cross infection.


cx9000 dental chair

CX9000 Dental Chair



Cup Holder

Unlike dental chair unit assistant tray, the cup holder is relatively unimportant but necessary. Usually, the patient uses a disposable cup to get water and gargle, to clean the blood or debris in their mouth. Therefore, the cup holder offers a place to the disposable cup.


Spittoon Bowl

The spittoon bowl is a bowl that connects with a water pipe. During the surgery, the bowl is a container that the patient spits saliva into. After that, the water pipe flushes the liquid into the drain and keep the bowl clean. 


dental chair spittoon

Dental Chair Spittoon

X-Ray Viewer

The X-Ray viewer is a tool that helps the doctor examine and interpret the radiographs of a patient’s oral cavity or tooth. The viewer help dentists confirm whether the decay or infection area of the patient’s teeth.


Dental Chair Foot Control

The foot control shows its convenience when the dentist’s hands are busy. The foot control offers operation controls as same as the dental chair manual one. It provides power to operate dental equipment through the actuation of the pedal. Here is the picture of  foot control of the cx dental chair.


dental chair foot pedal

Dental Chair Foot Pedal

Air-Water Syringe

An air-water syringe, is also known as a 3-way syringe, is a dental device that could produce a stream of water, compressed air, a mixture of water with air. It is mainly used for cleaning the surface of the teeth during the process of dental treatment.


All in all, the different parts of a dental chair are designed to serve a specific purpose. The final product, the dental chair, not only provides the patient comfortable position but also improves the work efficiency of dentists. The above-mentioned contents could be the reasons why you need to find a professional dental chair factory.

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