Ultimate Guide: Dental Chairs Weight & Parts

16 Mar, 2022

When we purchase the dental chair, three questions usually arise and determine our purchasing----weight, working principle, and dental parts. Today, I will introduce the dental chair and talk about these three questions to give a reference for you during the purchase.

What is a Dental Chair

The dental chair is specially designed for dental surgery, offering a great surgery environment to patients and dentists. It not only supports a patient’s body when the dental procedure is being performed on them but also provides the dentist with a great operating vision.

How Much Does A Dental Chair Weigh

This is a good question. The weight of the dental chair is one of the most important factors determining which type of dental chair you purchase. If the weight of the dental chair is higher than the supporting capacity of your office’s floor, the office’s floor would be sunken, even broken. Due to the different functions and technology, the dental chairs are different in weight. Here is the chart that presents you with the weight of cx dental chair.


Chair cx cx2305 Dental Chair Dental Chair Unit cx8900 cx9000 Dental Chair
Gross Weight 240KG 260KG 260KG
Dental dtc dtc327 Dental Chair Unit dtc328 Dental Unit dtc329 Dental Chair
  280KG 320KG 320KG


This chart directly presents a fact that the weight of the dental chair is different which depends on what functions the chair has. Take the dental dtc as an example. First, the chair is constructed with durable aluminum backrest frame. second, the dtc329 dental chair has a built-in floor box which saves the operation room space. Also, the 360-degree rotatable dental led light is equipped with this chair.

How Does A Dental Chair Work

The dental chair is controlled by the switch located on the back of the chair. Once the switch is on, the electric dental motor would start to work and drive the valve gear works, so as to make the corresponding parts of the dental chair work. As for the foot control dental unit, the foot control system can not work until the switch is turned on.

How Many Parts Are There To A Dental Chair

The basic dental chair is consist of a seat, a headrest, a backrest, and an armrest. But, there are seven parts in a dental chair in current models. In addition to the basic construe, the dental chair also includes other parts which serve the dental surgery, such as a dental x ray unit, spittoon bowl, 3-way syringe, cup holder.

dental manufacturer

Each component has its benefits for dental surgery. You could consult the dental chair manufacturer to design the unique chair luxury with these components. If you want to read more dental chair parts descriptions, you could read my previous post which tells the function of these components.


All in all, the weight of the dental chair depends on how much the equipment is in the dental chair unit. The core of the working of the dental chair unit is the motor parts that drive all the components in the dental chair. At last, the dental chair is usually constructed with three parts.

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